Monday, December 19, 2011

Big Bells

Boyfriend's Brother Wedding!!
My Boyfriend and his nephew.. Damn super cute! *love love*Awwwww......~

Yay...New dress from H&M.. Hee hee
*cant stop smiling to myself while looking at this picture..I look pretty pretty.... hee hee*This is my crazy Boyfriend...
Before going down for breakfast still wanna pose.... LOL
Mr Roti Prata..
He makes prata, eggs and everything nice!!=)
All we need for breakfast is Mr Roti Prata..
Da ge's wedding door gift...
So cute!

Waiting for the wedding photographer to send the pictures.. will upload them asap so all of you can see the beautiful bride! =)


Lisa said...

Not sure if its appropriate for me to say this


Your boyfriend is quite cute & hot! Lucky you :)

Random sophistication of Nelly said...


I Laugh damn loud when i read ur comment..

Thank you lisa.. He will be mad happy when he reads it..