Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marmalade Pantry

Some Random Day...

Brunch with Jake..
Marmalade Pantry at Ion Orchard.

This flower sits on my table.. And it reminds me of P.s Cafe...=)
My.....( i forgot the name...lol)
But, I think its over price and its not exactly very nice...
The Food did not came hot.. It was just...warm...
The bacon was almost cold and SUPER oily..
Bake Bean too little ( and cold )..
The toast was okay.. Like..Normal lor..But it goes well with the toast...
Other then that...its just OKAY.

Forgot to take picture of Jake's salmon pasta..
Pinch a lil salmon from him..
The salmon is pretty fresh but it was not hot as well..
Pasta.. I dunno if it nice but it should be just okay only la.....
I was spoiled for choice.. I kinda stood there for a good 10 mins to finally decide what to eat... =P
Super Sweet!
Super Nice!
Super LOVE!!

Address: 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801 #03-22
Tel: +65 6734 2700
Great for: Tea and cakes.. Great, Awesome, Yummy cakes and eat but not for brunch.. Dont think their lunch or dinner will be nice too since they cant even make good brunch....

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