Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Food for thought at Cluny Road


Christmas Eve's brunch at Food for thought @ Cluny Road, Singapore Botanical Garden..

This is a new outlet.. Its my first time here and it another different feeling from the other outlets..=)
It actually feels a little like Ikea.... =D
Our Breakfast Set!! Mmmmmm... yummmmm...
Love the scramble eggs... Its creamy, eggy and the right level of runny-ness!!
The toast is soft but with substance..
They offer bread spread like peanut butter and fruit jam; that day they were serving dragon fruit.. it was interesting, but the jam was a little too watery and a little tasteless.. I understand that they are made of real dragon fruit and dragon fruit itself can be pretty tasteless.. maybe they should have mix it with another fruit.. ?

Address: Cluny Road, Singapore Botanical Garden, Basement 1. Take the stairway down from the reception. ( If you are driving there, enter the carpark and just drive all the way in there and you'll be able to park just right outside the cafe!)
Tel: *sorry i lost the number but I dont think you'll need to call and do a reservation.. =P
Great for: They are open from 9am to 9pm. If you are seeking fresh air and peace yet not the picnic kind of person, this will be just great for you.. enjoy the peace and quiet while nibble in whatever you fancy, washed down with a cup of cuppa.

Thank you Alvin for picking us up and driving us around.. =)

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