Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lets Flip and Click

I have something to tell.
I have a confession to make.
I have an addiction to own.
I. am. hooked. onto. Instagram.

What is Instagram?
In case you live under a rock or on some mountain peak, Instagram is an App on iPhone.
It works like twitter but instead of text, you post/share pictures.
You can Follow people ( friends or strangers) and likewise people can follow you too.
You can view pictures of anyone else unless they kept private.
And like Facebook, you can like & comment on pictures and " # " your pictures to categorize them..! =)

This is my profile overview on Instagram as of 22/12/2011.

Here are some of my friends on Instagram!

The next few people you gonna see are new friends I made at the Hungry BBQ food tasting session.

Next are fellow Singaporean which I follow and I really like their pictures...

*love Moonx's Charcoalbaby and Snugglesbaby.. They are just so damn cute!!*

Then there also strangers from other part of the world with very nice pictures too...
The things is you dont to follow in-order to view the pictures, like I like the above two pictures N I dont have to like them in-order to view them...

Quick! Everyone gotta go Download! Plus it free!!!!!
It is available on itouch and iPad too!
*If you are still stuck in old Dinosaur's days and do not own any apple product, fret not.
You can view Instagram pictures via Webstagram..
--> <--
that will link to me of cos! hahahhahaha..!=P

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