Thursday, December 15, 2011


Public Holiday Lunch with Mama and Ah yap.

Wanted to go East Ocean but its full house.
I guess you really must call to make reservation if you plan to go East Ocean...

Head to Canton-I @ Ion Orchard .
Truly Hong Kong - their catch phrase..

Pretty nice decor in the restaurant...

Stir Fried Beef Kway Tiao...
Surprisingly good! The Beef was tender enough, the bean spout give the whole dish a slight crunch and the kway tiao.. It was bouncy and very well fried. It was this... Wok taste.. Im not sure if you know what I am talking about.. this wok taste is where the fire is strong enough to heat up the wok ( but not burn the food) and the fragrant of the wok "transfer" to the kway tiao..
Not all places have this "wok" taste. Try it and you'll understand what I mean.
Roasted Meat and BBQ pork.
My Mum's love.
But I have to say.. It really good here..
The fats just melt in your mouth.. esp the roasted meat goes perrrfect with mustard sauce...!

Of course we ordered a few more dishes but not all are that well presented and some are just gobbled up too fast like the custard bun..
=D hahaha..

Red bean bao in xiao zhu (piggy) shape...
They just bring smiles to anyone's face....=)

When the bill came, it was about $90 for 3 of us...

Address: 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801 #03-14
Tel: +65 6509 8368 *Dont really need to Book in advance but if you wanna play safe esp during peak hours.. you should, it will save you some waiting time cause the Q can get pretty long during lunch hours.
Great for: Lunch, Dinner with family or if you wanna buy your gf/bf's family a "simple" meal. =D

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