Monday, January 30, 2012


Saw this on Instagram the other day and I burst out laughing...
This is exactly what I feel like doing sometimes....


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Road House

lunch date with Hazel at RoadHouse @ Dempsey ( tgt with Shan & Roz and a handfull of strangers! Haha!)

When I came back from Genting, I've got a text from Hazel and she invited me to enjoy her prize that she wont from a contest on 98.7Fm.
Im one lucky girl!
So lunch was serve at Road House @ Dempsey.
And this is where I told Joyice that I wanna try the next time instead of keep going to P.s Cafe we go dempsey.
So lucky lucky!!
Shan is really really tall.. I think im only at his waist.
Roz is pretty and she's all friendly and all... hot chick. =)

The Food.
Starters 1 : Crab cake.
It is awesome! Crispy, creamy, moist. Real crab meat ( i ate crab cake made out of crab sticks before..-_-'') with sweet corn!! Big portion!
Starters 2 : Cajun chicken salad.
Wah! I love!! The chicken is super duper nice!! Its very fragrant, not dry and pretty tender!
Together with Rocket and tomatoes and bits of cashew nuts.. love love love!
Main 1:Brie-vine burger.
When it was serve, I went.. O.O wahhhhh.....
The buns are toast to perfection, soft and crispy ( if you know what I mean. ) The meat patty was thick and juciy as I remembered.. top with cheese, pear (i think) and dried tomatoes... Sweet, savory, crispy, juicy...Just Yummilicious!

Oh.. thats me cutting the burger into 2 so me and Hazel can share!
( Pssst. Love this picture.. Hazel got excellent photography skill.. Im so fair and pretty in this picture in this angel! hahahahahahahahahahaha!)
Main 2: Egg Benedict.
Yup, they serve brunch!!
See the york burst... oooooo..yum! But I gotta say.. The ham. is. very. salty. Kinda overwhelm the taste of the whole dish. But I would condemn the dish.
Dessert 1- Old fashion Apple strudel.
This is interesting. Apple filling in some kind of skin wrap, deep fry ( I think ) . So its pretty crispy and hot on the out yet sweet ( not too sweet) and soft on the inside....=)
Dessert 2: Cherry Pie.
Mmmmm... Butter rich crust with cherry fillings and crumbs to give it texture.. Its fresh cream you see on the top and not ice cream. Heart the cherry. =)

Didn't manage to stay all the way to the end cos I had to rush for work. Lucky lucky me that i was able to flag a cab on dempsey! Thank you hazel for bringing me again.. Thank you!! I had lots of fun and great food!!=) catch up again soon babe!

For more professional review. Pls visit Aimakan ..

Address: 13 Dempsey Road singapore 249674
Tel: 64762922
Great for: Lunch's good. I see they serve brunch too. and i think dinner would be pretty romantic. Bottom line. Try it. anytime of the day.. =)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Up in the misty clouds

13012012 to 15012012

Genting tip!!

Day 01.
Believe it or not but its my first time going to genting!
Yay!! We're finally here!!
Hey sugar!

Lunch @ Kenny Rogers
Expected much more then what was serve.. Chicken is not tasty. Sides are bad. Service was poor. Only the muffin is good! LOVE it!

Went shopping and nap after lunch...

Dinner @ Pizza hut
Somehow I like to go pizza hut when Im in Malaysia and Indonesia..
But warning!
Do not order salad at pizza hut in malaysia... U will cry.
Anyway, the picture above is honey BBQ buffalo wings...
and the boys were too hungry so din manage to snap any picture of the pizza..

The boys when to try their luck at the casino and seems like they're had lady luck smiling at them! ;)

Day 02.

We're going for ALL the rides!!!
Oh! Come meet my new friend!
Her name is Chata ( im calling her tata ) she's from cambodia.
Very sweet and nice girl..I like her much..
She told me in the morning she heard my tummy growl so she wake me up( we shared room)
I laugh and told her ya.. Breakfast is very important to me... Hahahah
Meet the boys.
Sugar and his buddies..
Wee! This is fun! Me like!!

Dinner time!
BBQ steamboat..
Went Bowling after dinner...=)
Super cool!!
Day 03.
Going back
Able to get Starbucks everywhere on earth is a comfort for me.
Im not a coffee addict but there are days where i need some lovely mocha to chill.=)

Lunch before heading back to singapore..
Going back took longer..
Maybe because of the stopovers.. and the jam at custom..
By the time we reach Sg we were beat... Mad tired..
And 18 whatsapp window awaited me when I reach sg..LOL
Thank goodness Nigel didn't jam.

Genting was cold... Plus I dont stand cold very well so it's very very cold for me... Tata and I slept with the window close , no fan on and yet its was still cold cold cold!
Genting is really nth much if you don't plan to go for the theme park rides or gamble.
3days 2 night is great!