Monday, January 2, 2012

byebye and HELLO!

The year has come to an end and I can safely say that it was a good year and I did not waste it away.. Although it was not as mad and crazy as 2010, I had a good share of fun and madness. A good balance I guess..
But I think I could have done more or rather I wish I had done more....
I didn't set any resolution for 2011 but I think I wanna set some this year...=)

New Year Resolution 2012
1.Sleep by 1am. ( gonna be mad crazy running from work to school and back home to do my assignment.. So I guess my little brain would need more rest... )
2.Better Eating Habits. ( Im am still on my "eat-less-meat-project".. Shall stick to having an extra Orange for breakfast and an Apple for dinner.. Oh and no more food after 7.30pm.. Unless i gotta party)
3. Party less. ( already had announce my last party and yes, I had hell lots of fun on friday.. So no more mad crazy party for me... shall only party on special events like birthday, hen party or on invites. =P )
4.More Sports. ( lets not waste the gym membership fees and aim to go yoga 3 times a week..)
5.Stop counting calories. ( I shall not count but just knowing how much cal I am gonna consuming is not being too much right? I shall not be obsess with counting. I shall enjoy my food and then workout healthy... =} )
6.Learn a skill.
( that Jap language I've been talking about learning.. Or how about some sexy french.. Oh! and driving license... maybe some awesome Photoshop skill or kitting? We shall find out at the end of 2012)
7. Better Handwritting. ( what else do I have to explain about this? )
8. Better self-control and discipline.. ( must work on this so I can put a cross on everything on my list at the end of 2012! )

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls.. I now present you my to do list of 2012..
Now 8 is a good number.. I am not gonna force myself to think another 2 to make it the perfect 10.
Have you set yours? =)

Have an awesome 2012 everyone!


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