Thursday, January 26, 2012

Road House

lunch date with Hazel at RoadHouse @ Dempsey ( tgt with Shan & Roz and a handfull of strangers! Haha!)

When I came back from Genting, I've got a text from Hazel and she invited me to enjoy her prize that she wont from a contest on 98.7Fm.
Im one lucky girl!
So lunch was serve at Road House @ Dempsey.
And this is where I told Joyice that I wanna try the next time instead of keep going to P.s Cafe we go dempsey.
So lucky lucky!!
Shan is really really tall.. I think im only at his waist.
Roz is pretty and she's all friendly and all... hot chick. =)

The Food.
Starters 1 : Crab cake.
It is awesome! Crispy, creamy, moist. Real crab meat ( i ate crab cake made out of crab sticks before..-_-'') with sweet corn!! Big portion!
Starters 2 : Cajun chicken salad.
Wah! I love!! The chicken is super duper nice!! Its very fragrant, not dry and pretty tender!
Together with Rocket and tomatoes and bits of cashew nuts.. love love love!
Main 1:Brie-vine burger.
When it was serve, I went.. O.O wahhhhh.....
The buns are toast to perfection, soft and crispy ( if you know what I mean. ) The meat patty was thick and juciy as I remembered.. top with cheese, pear (i think) and dried tomatoes... Sweet, savory, crispy, juicy...Just Yummilicious!

Oh.. thats me cutting the burger into 2 so me and Hazel can share!
( Pssst. Love this picture.. Hazel got excellent photography skill.. Im so fair and pretty in this picture in this angel! hahahahahahahahahahaha!)
Main 2: Egg Benedict.
Yup, they serve brunch!!
See the york burst... oooooo..yum! But I gotta say.. The ham. is. very. salty. Kinda overwhelm the taste of the whole dish. But I would condemn the dish.
Dessert 1- Old fashion Apple strudel.
This is interesting. Apple filling in some kind of skin wrap, deep fry ( I think ) . So its pretty crispy and hot on the out yet sweet ( not too sweet) and soft on the inside....=)
Dessert 2: Cherry Pie.
Mmmmm... Butter rich crust with cherry fillings and crumbs to give it texture.. Its fresh cream you see on the top and not ice cream. Heart the cherry. =)

Didn't manage to stay all the way to the end cos I had to rush for work. Lucky lucky me that i was able to flag a cab on dempsey! Thank you hazel for bringing me again.. Thank you!! I had lots of fun and great food!!=) catch up again soon babe!

For more professional review. Pls visit Aimakan ..

Address: 13 Dempsey Road singapore 249674
Tel: 64762922
Great for: Lunch's good. I see they serve brunch too. and i think dinner would be pretty romantic. Bottom line. Try it. anytime of the day.. =)

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