Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wild Honey

Dinner at wild honey @ Scott's Square with Hazel ( aka Aimakan!!)

We shared both and wild honey din disappoint me..=)
Egg was very good! Ham was salty but its awesome when u eat everything together in one bite!
Mushroom is awesome!Potatoes are great too! And the tomato is sweet and juicy!! Yummy!!
Like everything but the bake bean.. Wait.. I dont think i should say bake bean cos its more like kidney bean... Its.......... Odd.. it does not taste terrible but...okay, lets just say im not use to the taste and texture of it?
But I wonder is there any difference in standard of food between this and the wild honey at mandarin gallery? I haven been to the one at M.D but in my memory when i walk pass it, the decor inside is more cosy and homely..

I guess we'll have to go there to find out! =)

Address: 6 Scott's road, Level 3
Tel: 66361816
Great for: all day breakfast! so if u feel like eggy at 8pm... you know where to go! =)

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