Wednesday, January 4, 2012

House Dempsey

Brunch turn lunch with Lulu & Shine...

Lunch at House @ Dempsey

A small lil celebration for shine...
Welcome to 22 Girl! hahahaha..
Too bad the boys could not join us..
Saw this once we sat down..And i was thinking like... Wah! My usual tau sar pau ( aka red bean bun ) is only $0.85 and this is $8 with a teh tarik?!
According to shine, 8 days rank it as the no.1 tau sar pau so i guess its a must try someday!
SeaFood Threesome.
( I thought it was gonna be fried and all.. But it came out as a angmo stir fry seafood kind of dish that mainly consist of Prawns, Mussels and calamari...They seafood are fresh, juicy and well cook. Nothing was overcook like rubber bands and the taste was just right... Dun be mistaken, the yellow bits u see in the picture are not corns..they're mango bits! Must try!)

The English Breakfast ( Skinny Pizza )
( consist of halves tomatoes, bacon, cheese, mushroom, one sunny side up in the middle of the pizza and rockets on the top! Its nice, but its a lil hard to really eat the pizza cos the sunny side up was not really sitting in the middle and when you cut the pizza, more or less you would cut the yoke and the egg york would turn the thin pizza crust soggy which is bad.. Shine din like the tomatoes cos they taste a little weird. I think its the herbs they use to saute it... But I am okay with it.. Interesting to try but make sure if you are gonna share this, decide who gets the yoke so you dont have to cut the yoke and turn the crust soggy... )

Fish & Chips
( had fish and chips too but din manage to take a picture of it.. LOL.. Anyway, the "crust" of the fish was crispy, fish meat was white, juicy ( or oily I dont know) and flaky, I kinda wish that they had remove the skin.. Kinda weird to see the fish skin i guess but it did not affect the taste. Its was serve with truffle fries.. Mmmm... Yum! I like! oh and the tartar sauce was great too! not too sour it goes just right with fish and fries!)
Before we left, saw this on the toilet door.. Vintage afternoon tea! I'm gonna make sure the next time Im here, ill be coming for this... =))
Then I saw this in the toilet cubical wall..

Address: 8D Dempsey Road #01-01 to 06
Tel: +65 6475 7787
Great for: If you drive, house is a great place to hang out with friends and loves day or night. There's cafe and food from morning brunch to dinner and its a pub by at night too..

Then we head to Ang Siang hill..
Stroll and shop around and saw this really cool store!
I thinks its the corner shop turning from club street up to ANH?
I dunno.. but walking into the store makes me feel as if i was in london...
Not like ive been to london! hahahahahahahaha! but it looks and feel the same as i watch on the big screen and tv... Check it out!

Thank you Sunshine for driving us around! Hope you had a fun day and get ur present soon! ;)

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