Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Boxing day feast with Family...

Was working on Christmas eve and Christmas day so took boxing day off to make up to mama and jiejie.. =)

Lunch at Crystal Jade Golden Palace @ Paragon
We sat in the inner dinning hall...
The interior gives me the feeling of church...hahahaha.. How appropriate to dine here during Christmas...

This is what we ordered.

1. A pot of tea for 3.-> as shown on the bottom right corner of the photo collage<-
( A mix of Puer and chrysanthemum .. Good service, the server would keep coming around to fill your cup and add hot water making sure you wont run out of tea during your meal.)
2.Bbq combi ; Roast meat + Roast Duck ->as shown on the top left corner of the photo collage<-
( Roast meat aka Shao Rou got very little or almost no fats at all..the meat is not dry and top skin is crispy enough.. I like! Starting to love pairing shao rou with mustard.. Roast duck was juicy with a good layer of fats under the crispy skin ( as usual ).. Mum dont like the sour plum sauce.. i like mine as it is too.. the jelly fish found at the bottom of the roast duck was dry. I would say its a waste of calories..)
3.Chee chong fun
( I think its stir fried with XO sauce and serve with peanut sauce and sweet sauce on the side. Its soft yet turgid enough to hold with your chopsticks. I wish the peanut sauce was a little more penuty.. I like the pairing with sweet sauce and together with the chopped spring onion... mmm.... I love chee chong fun.. I cant really explain why..maybe because its like my childhood dish? =) )
4. Mix fried item * sorry forgot the name*
( its like fried vegetable tempura.. There's eggplant, pumpkin and tofu.. Its a simple dish but its nice.. Crispy and just a little oily... )
5. stir fried vegetable *sorry forgot the name also*
( Shredded chinese yam with red, yellow and green bell pepper, chicken and cutterfish.. very colourful, you'll be able to taste the sweetness and crunchiness of the vegetables.)
6.Deep Fried Salmon in Noodle wrap-> as show on the top right corner of the collage and the big picture<-
( I cant really taste the salmon... Hahaha.. All I felt on my taste bud and what I can see with my eyes are just crispy fried noodles with small little lump of meat which I its salmon... Overall its nice la..not oily but maybe they can add more fish meat to it? )
7. Liu Sha Bao ->bottom left corner of collage<-
( THIS IS DAMN GOOD!!! The filling got just the right taste of salty and sweet.. As in it has the right amount of salted egg york and the bao was not too thick and its soft and spongy... its just pure happiness...

7 dishes and one bowl of white rice .. Bill came up to about $130++.. As expected... but I would say that its worth it...

Address: 290 Orchard Road, #05-22 The Paragon
Tel: +65 6734 6866
Great for: family lunch and dinner

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