Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simple ample apple

One of my secondary school girlfriend is gonna get married!!!!

We use to be so close when we were young..
Going school together every morning..
Spotting our individual eye candy together..
Gossip, cry, laugh together..
Oh.. Those days when we were young..

Anyway, back to her wedding...
Her wedding day is on the 11th march.
And I wont be around.....-_-"
( Bintan trip with Joyice )

There's nothing much I can do but since she is working on a tight budget, I manage to help her do up a simple wedding invitation!

Real simple one...But typing the chinese section was a killer for me...

And this is how it looks like after it's printed.

Sorry babe, I cant be by ur side on your wedding day and this is so much I can do. 
Have an awesome wedding day and a blissful marriage!
I'll go work on my photoshop skill and next, baby shower invitation I "bao" okay?
Hahahahahahaha.... =)

Blackbird Cafe

 Lunch date with sugar @ Blackbird Cafe, Singapore

Suppose to have brunch but realize brunch is only serve on weekends.. 
So we had lunch there instead. 

There was set lunch available so it was easy to choose.

Their set lunch consist of:
1. A drink ( coffee/ tea I think)
2.Salad or soup of the day
3.A Main (4 choice)

So this is what we ordered...
Peppermint Tea
Peppermint Tea was..... peppermint tea... Hahahaha.. Nothing too special about it....

Fruit Salad

Salad of the day was fruit salad.
Its was a little odd for me to start off with something sweet and sour.. 
There was lettuce, blueberry, strawberry,  raspberry and rock melon.
The fruits were fresh and sweet and the dressing was a little sour.
Not my kind starters.

Tomato Soup
Soup of the day was Tomato soup.
I had a mouth full and it was Mmmmmmmm......... Nice! I like!
Very flavorful, full of tomato taste but not sour, a lil salty but not too salty.. Yum Yum!

Seafood Spaghetti 
Didn't expect it to be in  aglio olio style! =)
I tot it would be some boring cream base seafood pasta..
Fragrant and Large crunchy prawns and they were pretty generous with the serving.. *thumbs up!*

BBQ Pork Loin Burger
This. Is. The. YUM!
Crispy butter toast sesame bun, tender and juicy pork loin pair with fresh greens and finish off with simple paring of mayo and tomato sauce!
Just thinking of this makes me never want to go back McDonald again....
Just one lil thing.... This pork loin burger can look better serve with some sides like some chips or something... cause the plate look really bare with just the burger itself.

Address: 6 Handy Road #01-01A The Luxe
Tel: 91858116
Great for: Lunch set is cheap and Very good! Brunch is serve on weekends.. The cafe is not very big.. So you might wanna make a reservation or go down early. Oh and i think they open till late too.. Good place to chill if you with some pals.

*while searching for this it exact address, I realize that this place is Kiwi!! Oooo! Must try their coffee next time!*

Monday, February 27, 2012

Botak's Backyard

Dinner at Botak's Backyard @ Dempsey 

I know just had fever and I am still recovering from my flu and I should watch my diet... 
But.... Its. Super. Hard. To. Say. No. To. Good. Food....!

So here I am at botak's backyard! =D
Stuffed Jelapenos $9.80
Its stuffed mozzarella cheese! Nice!
Crispy outter, moist and not too spicy! Just mild spice!
Okay. think.. Juicy, big green chilli, less sour, stuffed with cheese, and serve with tangy tartar sauce! =)

Swanky Franky $13.30
Jumbo sausage roll.... Mmmmm.. Juicy giant hot dog with look-like-process-cheese melt on the top with pretty normal butter toast hot dog roll and tomatoes, lettuce and onion... serve with spicy fries and coleslaw....
Blacken Basa $14.80
 Pan fried fish ( I think..) serve with fries and coleslaw as well.Mmmm... Maybe because the rest of food are too flavorful, this taste a little blend to me... The good thing is, the black "chao- ta"( burn) part does not taste bitter...

The Paparazzi "heart" Me
I love my tee!! =))

Anyway.. This is my 4th time eating at Botak.. ( its been don't know how many donkey years since my last ate at botak.. Dont remember having good impression of the food for the first 3 times....)  But first time here... Pretty nice place to chill, food wise is okay edible there are more things on the menu that I would like to try... So, I guess I'll be back there soon? =)

Address: 130E Minden Road S(248819)
Tel: 6479 0388
Great for: Saw that they have lunch promo. They starts operation at 11am to 12pm. I wonder if they serve brunch.. Anyway.. they seems to have different promo every day.. I suggest all to give botak jones a second chance.. HERE...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

hey listen hot stuff

Some time end of last year, 2011
Went for a outdoor photography shoot with Joyice at Singapore Botanic Gardens  ! =)
Finally make time to go collect the Cd from the photographer...
Here are some of the pictures....

I like picture 4 and this last one the most out of all these...

Thank you Michel Tay for being such a fun photographer to work with.. =)


I found it in my 2nd reading.. Have u found the mistake? =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Strong & Healthy

Imma.....(ahhhh-choooooo...~) a healthy baby...! ( sniff sniff )
Shoo Fever Shoo and Dont Come back!
And. All. I. Need. Now. Is. To. Turn. Off. My. Leaking. Tap! =(

and its been like this since 2 days ago...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Its a simple life form of a lump of substances.

P/s:Hey Bee!
You're awesome!

Friday, February 17, 2012

dip dipping dripping

Mickey Dying For Chocolate?
That's Gary's hands and his new love.

Joy Farm

Look what I've found at Fairprice!!!

The. Strawberries. Are. Round.

OMG! So damn cuteeeeeeeeeee.......
And they're sweet!!!

Madly in love.....

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Happy Valentine !

My 3rd attempt making chocolate at home.... =D

~They can be better that is for sure..
~Still looking for better quality chocolate...
~Burned one batch of milk chocolate... x(

But overall they're still okay I guess..
I mean no where near Godiva but still edible ... =)
Chocolate for my loves...

Shoes my Finger

Saw this on IG the other day which I think its super cool.
Nail art.
So amazing..

Saturday, February 11, 2012


As the chinese says...
大十八変 ( it means a girls starts to blossom when they turn 18 )
I guess for the TV stars.. Not only girls blossom.. the guys too...
They're sizzling hot!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Take 5

A chillex day with Joyice at Wavehouse @ Sentosa

Smoke duck Pizza for dinner.
That's the moon and the stars from my view... =))

Anyway, we're both agreed that we need a day like this every once a while...
So I guess the next time heading to Sentosa would be in May? =)
Cant wait!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shower Me Some Luck Dragon!

Lunar New Year 2012

Cny Eve


Cny day 1

Cny day 2

Cny day 3

Cny day 4

Cny day 5

Cny day 6

Cny day 11

Cny day 13

Hope everyone had an awesome Cny this 2012!