Monday, February 27, 2012

Botak's Backyard

Dinner at Botak's Backyard @ Dempsey 

I know just had fever and I am still recovering from my flu and I should watch my diet... 
But.... Its. Super. Hard. To. Say. No. To. Good. Food....!

So here I am at botak's backyard! =D
Stuffed Jelapenos $9.80
Its stuffed mozzarella cheese! Nice!
Crispy outter, moist and not too spicy! Just mild spice!
Okay. think.. Juicy, big green chilli, less sour, stuffed with cheese, and serve with tangy tartar sauce! =)

Swanky Franky $13.30
Jumbo sausage roll.... Mmmmm.. Juicy giant hot dog with look-like-process-cheese melt on the top with pretty normal butter toast hot dog roll and tomatoes, lettuce and onion... serve with spicy fries and coleslaw....
Blacken Basa $14.80
 Pan fried fish ( I think..) serve with fries and coleslaw as well.Mmmm... Maybe because the rest of food are too flavorful, this taste a little blend to me... The good thing is, the black "chao- ta"( burn) part does not taste bitter...

The Paparazzi "heart" Me
I love my tee!! =))

Anyway.. This is my 4th time eating at Botak.. ( its been don't know how many donkey years since my last ate at botak.. Dont remember having good impression of the food for the first 3 times....)  But first time here... Pretty nice place to chill, food wise is okay edible there are more things on the menu that I would like to try... So, I guess I'll be back there soon? =)

Address: 130E Minden Road S(248819)
Tel: 6479 0388
Great for: Saw that they have lunch promo. They starts operation at 11am to 12pm. I wonder if they serve brunch.. Anyway.. they seems to have different promo every day.. I suggest all to give botak jones a second chance.. HERE...

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