Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simple ample apple

One of my secondary school girlfriend is gonna get married!!!!

We use to be so close when we were young..
Going school together every morning..
Spotting our individual eye candy together..
Gossip, cry, laugh together..
Oh.. Those days when we were young..

Anyway, back to her wedding...
Her wedding day is on the 11th march.
And I wont be around.....-_-"
( Bintan trip with Joyice )

There's nothing much I can do but since she is working on a tight budget, I manage to help her do up a simple wedding invitation!

Real simple one...But typing the chinese section was a killer for me...

And this is how it looks like after it's printed.

Sorry babe, I cant be by ur side on your wedding day and this is so much I can do. 
Have an awesome wedding day and a blissful marriage!
I'll go work on my photoshop skill and next, baby shower invitation I "bao" okay?
Hahahahahahaha.... =)

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Lisa said...

Wow! Talented design :)