Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Solider Pill


First day of school...

6.30am - Morning call from sugar
7.30am - Sugar came to pick me up and head to school's direction
7.50am - Reached King's Albert Park McDonald
8.15am - Head to UniSim
8.30am - Reach class on the dot, found a seat.

I was feeling....
1. excited.
2. Excited.
3. Very Excited!!

Not sure if it was because I had a lil too much drinks the night before or lack of sleep or just pure excitement for school...
I had a good start in school anyway... =))
The notes I took in class....=)

Special thanks to Joyice for traveling all the way to SIM to collect my books for me..
Also, thank you sugar for not sleeping, sending me to school, breakfast and the note book with sweet words of encouragement...
And of course to all those who wished me luck F2F, on Fb and thro texts...
Thank you Thank you!!


Lisa said...

Have an awesome semester in school!

Random sophistication of Nelly said...

Hey Lisa!

Thank you thank you!! =)