Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Gourmet Bakery Cafe

Lunch with ah yap at The Gourmet bakery cafe @ Millenia walk Parco

Broccoli Soup - Small $4, Regular $6
I had Broccoli Soup.. It was indeed very broccoli... Very strong smell and taste of broccoli...
I wont advice you to try this if you don't LOVE broccoli...
Im okay with it cause I quite like broccoli!
Oh.. and its very hot... I kinda burn my tongue a little while drinking it...LOL

Yap had Mushroom Soup.. Its pretty normal..Not bad la...
 Like one of those mushroom soup you get at NYDC..
Its less hot then the broccoli soup.. As in this was just warm but the broccoli soup was hot!

Marina $8.50
Marina for me..  and try spotting the seafood in the picture and you can hardly see any...
Because it's all under the stack of pasta.... (-_-")
Anyway.. Tomato base with a tiny bit of spiciness..Not bad..
The brown thing is crispy bread stick.. Very crispy.. Goes very well with the sauce, maybe they can serve the bread stick and the sauce instead..
After flipping and mixing.. Ive found 1 mussel, 2 crunchy prawns and 3 tender fish fillet.. Actually the seafood are pretty good... But I wonder why did the chef choose to hide the seafood?

Carbonara $8.50

Sis had Carbonara..
Okay. This. Is. The. Worse. Pasta. I. Ever. Ate.
It's pretty sad looking actually...
And if you are thinking of " never judge the book by it cover " , forget it.
What you see is what you get...
It was pretty tasteless.. and you only get real tiny bits of mushroom and bacon.
I can cook better then this!

Hot Chocolate $5
Hot chocolate was...Well just normal not chocolate...
Its not very chocolatey, not very milky... mmm... It can be more flavorful la..
Sis had Cafe Latte and its pretty normal too...LOL..

In conclusion...I got cheated by the interior decor and the menu...
Its looks very pretty but the food is not what I would expect..

In any case if you still wanna try it , this is the detail:

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard #P1-11/12 Parco Marina Bay Singapore
Great for: Nothing. I. Dont. Like. The. Place.

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