Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chiew Kee Soya Chicken


 Lunch at Chiew Kee Eating house 

While thinking of going where to lunch before meeting, Gary mention that there's a well known 油鸡飯 ( Soya Chicken Rice ) around china town area...

Not sure about you but I really don't know anything about this well know soya chicken...
Maybe because I'm not really a chicken person. 
I do eat but usually I would pick vegetable or fish over chicken.
So you would seldom see me eat chicken esp chicken rice outside..
Oh... partly cause my mum cooks chicken rice every chinese festival...
So yea...

Anyway, we head there for lunch and I wish i didnt......

One whole chicken 
One whole chicken, small plate of vegetable and 3 plate of chicken rice

The Vegetable: Mmmm.. Its okay.. Normal. Fresh and not "old".. My mum term vegetable that cannot be fully chewed and break down into proper pieces "old". I hope you get what I mean... LOL

The Rice: No. 1, the rice grain they use are not those lousy cheapo ones (yes, my sister and I are very particular about rice grains), so stage 1 pass.
The rice is not too oily, which also means that also means the fragrant of the chicken rice is not strong, the taste of chicken rice is mild but good.  I like my chicken rice with lots of dark soya sauce! I drizzle dark soya sauce over my rice and the soya sauce from the plate of chicken too.. And if you think that it would be super salty, your wrong! Okay at least it was just nice for me..  Good mixture of sweet, salty and chicken rice.. =))

The Chicken: OMG!!! The meat is S.U.P.E.R tender!!! Moist, Soft and MELTS in the mouth! * I am actually drooling while typing that out * As mention, I'm not a chicken person but I'm falling in love with this chicken.

Conclusion.... I am looking forward to my next lunch / dinner there.. I am gonna try soya chicken noodles instead...

Oh dear.... I am really hungry...Cant wait cant wait!!

Address:  32 upper cross street. ( opposite chinatown point, right at the bus stop! )
Tel: 6221 3531

Great for: Soya chicken for breakfast ( they open at 8am I think ), Soya chicken for lunch, Soya chicken for tea, soya chicken for EARLY dinner ( close at 7pm  I think.. )

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