Monday, April 30, 2012



The Day!

Had presentation in the morning..
Class sang me a Birthday song which reminded me of my 21st party.. =)
And the girls are soooo sweet! They made this and posted on my Fb wall!
Awwww... Thanks girls!

Came home and mummy says she bought a small cake...
* Phew! Lucky its really small... had sooooo many cakes for the past entire month cos my sister's birthday is in feb and march is mine.. So its like cake almost every other day! *

Dinner at Bar Bar Black Sheep
Cheese nan and  tandoori chicken 
Faith Hope Love Joy
Thank you girls!
Love the cake!
With Don
with Big Bro and Joey!
Wine Bar + Zouk

this is my poison
Something rose...

The Guys! <3
Had an awesome night! 
Thanks to all who came, got me gifts and there when I needed.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mandarin Court at Mandarin Orchard


Birthday dinner with family and Grace jiejie at Mandarin Court ( formally known as Pine Court )

The view
Peking duck
Peking duck : this is my second peking duck within on week. Like I mention before, Im no expert in peking duck but I kinda like this one as compared to the one I had earlier at peach garden... The wrap here is softer and slightly chewier.. the duck skin comes with a little meat still attach to it.. Oh and not to mention, a good amount of  cucumber and leek were given. The one and peach garden was just just enough. So if ure like me, prefer to have more then one cucumber and one leek in the wrap. U may wanna ask for more when u visit peach garden.
Asparagus with yam and pumpkin sauce
Asparagus with yam and pumpkin sauce : Pumpkin sauce was very light. Hard taste the pumpkin.. Or maybe the peking duck was too strong? If you can see clearly, there's a very thin skin thing that is wrap around the asparagus... I think that's chinese yam..... It has a very unique texture.. Its thin, a little crunchy and its surface is not smooth like kway tiao.. Its somewhat like.....Pig skin... But Im pretty sure it not pig skin..

stir fry duck meat with lettuce wrap
Stir fry duck meat with lettuce wrap : I LOVE THIS. The last time i had duck meat prepared this way was when I was in shenzhen.. I dont know what are the ingredient but i know this is AWESOME! The duck meat is salty ( but not too salty ) wrap with fresh lettuce so its like crunchy ( for the lettuce ) and chewy ( duck meat ) and everything blend so perfectly together! This is a DIE DIE MUST EAT!
Alaska crab with salted egg york
Alaska crab with salted egg york : This is good. Sweetness from the fresh crab together with salty egg york...mmmmmm.. and it you can feel the bits of yoke on the crab... A straight forward and simple dish for the mouth but I m sure its not easy to make at all.. Joyice would like this.. Too bad she got work and  could not join us..
Braise egg plant with tofu in clay pot
Braise egg plant with tofu in clay pot
Braise egg plant with tofu in clay pot : LOVE THE EGG PLANT. The egg plant is soft but not tooooo mushy and it absorb all the gravy so each much is flavorful.. Im not sure what was use to make the sauce but i guess it bean paste? The tofu is smooth and silky on the inside... Mince meat was tender so it adds a playful chewy texture to the whole dish.. loves...

Fried main xian with seafood
Fried main xian with seafood : Again. My second bowl of main xian. mmmm.. Taste pretty much the same. The only different are the topping. This is seafood and the one I had at peach garden was duck meat. Pretty generous amount of prawn and scallop. With each mouthful, there bound to have at least 2 prawn and a scallop.. ( of cos i dint count...But u get what I mean... )
Oh.. That's my zara kids dress... Love the peter pan collar...=)
And that grace jiejie, one of my sis best friend.. She is back in sg for good! =))

Address : 333 Orchard Road Level 35, Orchard wing Mandarin Orchard Singapore 
Number : 68316262 
Great for : Meal with an awesome view... Posh family dinner, impress ur oversea friends and etc. =)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar


Birthday Dinner with Hazel at Covelli @ Orchard Central

Portobello mushroom with buffalo cheese
Portobello Mushroom with Buffalo cheese : Starters. First time trying buffalo cheese. Its very light and a little chewy... The layer of texture of the whole dish is very interesting... Rockets , mushroom, pesto, tomato, buffalo cheese and then drizzle with vinegar and olive oil....

Risotto Saffron
Risotto Saffron : This is creamy as I remember... Again, first time trying saffron.. Mmmm... something interesting and pretty different.. Its nice but too much will make you sick... So its lucky that we're sharing....
ribeye on truffle mash

Ribeye on Truffle Mash : Medium Rare. I dont really know how to appreciate red meat but this is juicy... The truffle mash is very strong... If I put the mash on the meat and eat them together the mash overpower the taste of the meat.. But if I chew on the meat then eat the mash.. its mmmmmm... Yum!

Thank you hazel for the dinner and my present!! Loves!

Address : 181 Orchard Road #B2-13/22 Orchard Central
Tel : 6238 6400
Website : 
Great for : The place seems pretty romantic.. Nice lighting and its like a little glass house, but its indoors.. hahahaha.. I would say its a good place for dates.. =)

Book cafe


- lost the date but its sometime in march -
Book Cafe - Birthday dinner with Gabriel.
Mushroom soup
Mushroom Soup : thick creamy mushroom soup with chunky bits of mushroom.. But of course its not mushroom-ey as the ones in soup spoon but they're good! =)
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict : mmmmm.. the hollandaise sauce was just okay.. the ham was salty very salty.. I had better egg benny la...

Seafood tom yum soup
Seafood Tom Yum Soup : Gabriel ate this... I tried a little.. Its not too spicy.. its a little more sour.. Seafoods were pretty generous and they were fresh so its good. Oh.. btw, this is serve with a bowl of rice...
cafe mocha
Brownie : My birthday cake no 2. But this is just an average brownie..... 

Address : #01-02 , 20 Martin Road Seng Kee building, Robertson Quay Singapore 239070
Website :
Number : 6887 5430
Great for : Chilling. They have big comfy sofa inside.. there's books and magazine filled the shelves and I hear they wont chase u away.. So you are welcome to buy a cup of coffee and stay there to read! If are trying it.. let me know if it true....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peach Garden at 33


Birthday dinner with Joyice at Peach Garden @ 33 ( The Executives Club, OCBC center)

Since both of our birthday are so close together, to save time and have more fun, we decide to have dinner together! =)

And these are what we ate...

Look how the meat under the skin shine on our peking duck..

Skin, sauce, cucumber, leek, crispy skin.. 
Peking Duck: The skin are cut very thinly.. So its really just the crispy skin.. I like mine with some meat...  The wrap is the non-egg kind.. over all its good..I dont really know how to compare peking duck, neither do I know how to grade the peking duck. So far most of the peking duck taste pretty much the same.. The only diff to me are how thick the skin are cut and the wrap....
Stuffed fish maw soup
Stuffed fish maw soup : the fish maw was crunchy.. The meat stuffing was made out of mince meat, chuck of prawn and some mushroom... The soup was overall a little salty...
Seafood Soup
Seafood Soup : Served in old melon as bowl.. A pretty generous amount of fresh seafood. I remember the prawn's pretty big! Wont say its fantastic but its okay....
Prawn with plum sauce and almond slice
Prawn with plum sauce and almond slice : I love this! Almond was very very fragrant.. The almond slice add the crispness to the crunchy prawn.... Its like there's different layers of texture! Its like party rocking in the mouth!
Tofu with crab meat and egg white
Tofu with crab meat and egg white : Mmmm.. the whole dish was okay...Tofu was okay... not fantastic...
Spinach with salted and century egg
Spinach with salted and century egg : Cant really taste the salted egg... I've taste better ones... So... Skip...
Fried Mee Sua with the left over meat from our peking duck
Mee Sua : I like! This is niceee! the mee sua is pretty chewy..  Pretty fragrant! But the duck meat was a lil dry...
Chilled apple royale jelly with ice cream
Chilled apple royale jelly with ice cream : The apple royale does not have apple taste at all...
 -_-" the fresh fruit was okay... but to my surprise the ice cream is coconut ice cream! The coconut ice cream is salty.. Its my first time having coconut ice cream..Very interesting!! =)

Address:  65 Chulia Street #33-01 OCBC centre 
Tel:  +65 6535 7833 
Great for : overall was okay. The view is great! The service was okay... I went in the evening and its pretty empty.. Its very asian chinese style... 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Miss Me, Love Me

Random Day
Gym date Nelly.

A very happy Nelly after yoga. =D
I'm very happy with myself now that I manage to go back to gym and yoga..
Been away for 5 months and realize my flexibility is worse then even before I start yoga 1 year ago...
I promise myself that no matter what happens in the future,  there's no way I will skip my yoga class for more then 2 weeks..
I am aiming to go yoga at least once a week now.

Spending me time.
Sitting at outdoor cafe, people watch, lunch, drinks and magazine..
Perfect date.

You can only love other after you love yourself.
I m loving myself.
Fixing my life all back into one.
Getting it all back on track.
I am happy now and I dont think I wanna change anything anytime soon.