Thursday, April 26, 2012

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar


Birthday Dinner with Hazel at Covelli @ Orchard Central

Portobello mushroom with buffalo cheese
Portobello Mushroom with Buffalo cheese : Starters. First time trying buffalo cheese. Its very light and a little chewy... The layer of texture of the whole dish is very interesting... Rockets , mushroom, pesto, tomato, buffalo cheese and then drizzle with vinegar and olive oil....

Risotto Saffron
Risotto Saffron : This is creamy as I remember... Again, first time trying saffron.. Mmmm... something interesting and pretty different.. Its nice but too much will make you sick... So its lucky that we're sharing....
ribeye on truffle mash

Ribeye on Truffle Mash : Medium Rare. I dont really know how to appreciate red meat but this is juicy... The truffle mash is very strong... If I put the mash on the meat and eat them together the mash overpower the taste of the meat.. But if I chew on the meat then eat the mash.. its mmmmmm... Yum!

Thank you hazel for the dinner and my present!! Loves!

Address : 181 Orchard Road #B2-13/22 Orchard Central
Tel : 6238 6400
Website : 
Great for : The place seems pretty romantic.. Nice lighting and its like a little glass house, but its indoors.. hahahaha.. I would say its a good place for dates.. =)

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