Saturday, April 14, 2012

Miss Me, Love Me

Random Day
Gym date Nelly.

A very happy Nelly after yoga. =D
I'm very happy with myself now that I manage to go back to gym and yoga..
Been away for 5 months and realize my flexibility is worse then even before I start yoga 1 year ago...
I promise myself that no matter what happens in the future,  there's no way I will skip my yoga class for more then 2 weeks..
I am aiming to go yoga at least once a week now.

Spending me time.
Sitting at outdoor cafe, people watch, lunch, drinks and magazine..
Perfect date.

You can only love other after you love yourself.
I m loving myself.
Fixing my life all back into one.
Getting it all back on track.
I am happy now and I dont think I wanna change anything anytime soon.

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