Monday, May 28, 2012


life is easier if you choose to look on the brighter side of life.
life is easier if you choose to be happy.
life is easier if you choose to be grateful for all the small things in life.

Choose to make life easier.
It really not that hard...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This is my friend's dog, Kody.
Beautiful Kody
I really think he's beautiful...
(and yes.. Im really loving this picture..)

Oh.. and this is how he sleeps...


Lets hope I'll have the chance to meet kody in person! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh Sweet Gems

Remember these??

Yes! Iced Gems!

When I was young, I use to suck all the icing and leave the biscuits..
Now, I munch on the biscuits and leave the icings... LOL...
They are wayyyyy too sweet for me now and its tasteless...
I mean yea, they are sweet, but they are nothing but sweet!
You know what I mean?

But still love to eat them once in a while..
Brings back good old memories..
Feels like sitting up on a high chair and swing those legs without a care in the world and just enjoy.... =)

Old school.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bintan 2012 - Cabana, Agro Beach Resort


Bintan 2012

So incase you guys were thinking....
" Din she go zouk on the 10th? Bintan?? "

Yes, I was at zouk on the 10th all the way till the lights are on... Had supper/ breakfast and got send to the ferry terminal right away... =D
Yes. "Chiong-sters".
everyone can do with a few kisses everynow and then,
We reach the ferry terminal at 6.15am?
Ferry was at 8am but the kuku tour agency people says we should be there at the counter asap..
And when we reach there... the counter was not even open! -_-"
waited all the way to 7 am before we got our boarding pass....
Shake it like a Polaroid Picture.
All in One.
You are looking at my " ah-li-baba " bag.
It contains everything I need from dinner at Bar Bar black sheet to zouk and of cos to bintan!

Oh! And that is my new passport cover! ;)

Our super mad tired and makeup-less face
Last picture before we hop onto our ferry!
Mad tired. Cant wait to sleep!
8am to go school all the way to ferry at 8am the next day..
Thats like a good whole 24 hrs of non-stop activity....


Perfect for couple like us!
First stop.
Full body massage!
Exactly what we needed...
But we were mad hungry after that...LOL

Bintan Agro Beach Resort - Cabana

Its our first time in Bintan..
Bought the groupon deal and picked Cabana instead of main Agro resort.

And this was what greeted us when we reach.
Merlion? Singapore?
But... REALLY?!

Anyway. The waters are super clean and clear!
Looking far ahead, the sea looks hazel green... It really beautiful! 
Our room!
Lunch time!


fried veg, pancake.
random soup.
Lunch was inclusive.. It was okay..
Ive heard so many stories of the food being bad and I was really really worried...
But this turn out to be really okay!
Like decent okay!
Our after lunch activity was to sit by the sea...
Read our reading material..
Enjoy the sea breeze...
And of cos we fell alseep.....
So end up went back to the room and slept the afternoon away...
=X hahahahahaha...

And when we woke up... It was already evening and it was raining..  =/
We took a shutter bus to the main Agro Beach Resort....

Vintage cars!
Dinner Time!
rice with chicken and chilli kang kong!
Butter Crab!
Salted veg. seafood soup.
Dinner was lovely... It was raining outside... But we enjoyed the meal...

Conclusion from dinner....
Circle is not perfect.
In fact, circle is not good...
Star shape/ Star fish better... =)

Guess what we did after dinner?
Nothing.. LOL...
Went back to room, watch tv, eat chips and sleep... =D


Breakfast time!
Breakfast by the sea..

Yup.. Breakfast for 2.
Look! Our new shape!!
After lunch activity...
Laze by the sea again. 
Read, chit chat with rose moscato in our hands... =) 
It was only till then I realize it was the 12th and I haven wish nini Happy Birthday...
I literally jump up of the lazy chair and hug her...LOL


Time to head home..
Super long Journey home...
I think the ferry took almost 2 hrs plus....

Little tiny surprise 
Thanks guys for helping me with this!
Nice meeting all of you! =)

Finally.. Joyice Ng Nini..
I hope you've enjoyed the trip..
It's my little present to the both of us..
Thank you for always being by my side..
Thank you for always wanting and making me happy..
Thank you for keeping me positive when the dark clouds were too thick for me to see rainbow..
Thank you for understanding my random weird expression..
Thank you for understanding what I say when others cant..
Thank you for not judging me..Thank you for supporting me..
Thank you for loving me..

I love you tooooo!