Friday, June 1, 2012

Real Food Cafe

Sometime back.

Not sure if you notice that there is a lil cafe with simple furnishing tucked away in a corner at the basement of Central at Clark Quay..

When I first walk pass RealFood, it was... about 3 months ago? I though " Okay. what an interesting name.. Real Food... Suppose it's healthy? "
Then one random day that I was spending some " Me time " this place hit my mind and without a second though, I headed to Central right away....

Simple Dinner
Met up with Joyice and had a good brunch plus little nibbles here and there so dinner was simple...

A cup of tea name - Listen to your heart.
A plate of steam Dumplings .

I wont say this is the best dumplings I ever ate.
But I would say I really like these...

The skins wasnt too thick.
The fillings were all vegetables.
Some light soya sauce and sesame oil drizzled over them..
No over powering sauces or fancy dips...
All these just spells " Simple is perfect.." =)

The cafe gives a very.... cosy yet city feeling..
I dunno how do i exactly describe it...
Its not like PS cafe where its you feel relaxing and posh..
This is like.... Relaxing but very real....

I sat at the cafe for while after my meal...
Jazz was playing softy and people were just eating and chatting.

It like.... relaxing but real because you can hear real people chatting away and staff busy in the kitchen..
It was not noisy at all.. Nor was it too busy...
Its... Balanced.

Yea. I guess the word I was looking for was balanced.

My first visit there and I would say I love it.

I am gonna go back there ( tml maybe ) and spend some " Me Time " again..

Address : 6 Eu Tong Sen Street The Central #B1-52/53 Singapore 059817 
Number : +65 62244492
Great for : Spending " Me time " or one friend that you can/ want to share peace with.. =)