Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello Silly!

It feels like its been a thousand years since my last post and I almost forgot that this existed.

And I am very surprise that I do people ( who are not my friends ) reading ( and following?!) this.

I am amuse that some find my this amusing because looking at my past post now.. ,they are actually pretty boring..
No gossip, nothing very informative, not even pictures of good looking dudes and chicks!

Since now I know I do have some readers, I totally should continue this to......

1) earn that few cents from nuffnang....

2) improve my english.. ( oh, I am sure the queen will be happy to hear that ! )

3) better use of my time.... --> Blogging > hay day-ing.

4) diary... ( erm.. I need one? )

5) FAME ( who knows, i might be the next IT BLOGGER in Singapore!? * dreaming about earning SGD5000 per month just by blogging *  )


So that it, a new start for this next star. * wink *


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Kathy said...

That's good!